• Herbal Perfume

Aushadh has introduced the herbal perfume which is 100% natural and organic. It helps to unwanted body odour and ensures good smell throughout the day. It enhances the mood, to project better. This perfume can boost the confidence and morale. Smell is one of the most important senses that makes attractive. It helps to keep the stress and other anxiety related issues away. This perfume will help to keep you relax. There is the therapeutic effect of perfume.


  1. It provides the benefit of perfume with Aromatherapy.
  2. It protects the skin from all infections.
  3. It is available in four refreshing and pleasant fragrances.
  4. It stays effective for a very long time.
  5. It gives you cool feeling in Hot summers.
  6. It helps to remove stress and keeps you fresh and fragrant.


       Alcohol Free

       100% organic

       Free from preservatives

       No chemical

No Gas

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Herbal Perfume (100 ml)

  • $10.94

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